Supporting the Environment One Step at a Time

Supporting the Environment One Step at a Time

By Severina Yordanova

December 15, 2023

The environment surrounding us is essential for our survival, so it’s only natural that we preserve it as much as possible. After all, negligence will only lead to pollution, which will spiral into various diseases for all living beings on this planet. For a lot of people, looking at the big picture leads to a feeling of hopelessness, so that’s why we believe starting small and increasing the effort from there is the best approach for any company. Well, let’s show you what we mean by showcasing some of the initiatives we’ve taken part in for the last few years. 

Planting Trees for Fresher Oxygen 

“He who plants a tree plants a hope.” and so we decided to act on it for a fresher, greener, and more nature-rich city. Therefore, for two consecutive years, we supported the excellent initiative of “Novata Gora” and planted many trees that will eventually grow enough to become its own beautiful forest. We can’t wait for the times where we’ll be doing picnic gatherings there. Such a refreshing way to spend a weekend. 

Recycling Bottle Caps for Baby Incubators 

Recycling plastic is another way great way to help the environment. It’s even better, though, if the recycling is done for another good cause, or in this case, to build baby incubators. We are very proud of our team, which embraced this CSR initiative wholeheartedly and committed to collecting every plastic bottle cap available. Thanks to their efforts, we managed to provide a lot of material to the “Caps for Future” organization. They were the ones that organized bottle cap collection points all over Bulgaria and then recycled all that plastic into baby incubators that were provided to small-town hospitals. In the end, this initiative couldn’t be possible without the conscious effort of every “green” Bulgarian – our team included. 

A Thermo Bottle for a Tree 

As you can tell by now, we actively try to contribute to nature’s conservation by decreasing our ecological footprint. That’s why we were very intrigued to hear that there’s an organization that sells thermos bottles and plants a tree for each one sold. So, naturally, we bought some for all our employees who gave the opportunity for Boost and Гората.бг to give life to 75 new trees from our purchase only. Overall, this is a move we try to recommend more people try because you’re not only doing your part to regrow parts of our forests but also end up with a cool and durable thermos bottle. A win-win situation if we ever saw one. 


These were just some of the CSR initiatives we conducted throughout the last few years. You can look forward to our next article that showcases some more since we’re trying to make a change one small step at a time. Feel free to follow us on our social media platforms, so you don’t miss out on our latest escapades and initiatives. Until next time, and as a parting word, we’ll leave you with this little tidbit “Always do your best to keep the environment clean.”

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