Sales analytics in Qlik Sense improve performance and profitability insights

December 19, 2023


A B EYE client was seeking a solution to help them quickly boost sales and have a clear track record of the efforts of their sales representatives. Our client operates across diverse markets on a global scale that requires them to be constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve current processes and maximize sales achievement.

Improvement of target achievement is one of the focus points of our client who is interested to invest in timely and accurate reporting of sales performance.

The problem

Our client had difficulties to access target achievement data which was scattered in multiple data sources. Data was hard to put together and analyze, which cost a lot of time and efforts to the sales representatives.

User experience suffered additionally because data was only accessible on desktop, lacking the ease of use of mobile devices. The role of sales representatives is very dynamic and requires them to have instant access to information and sales insights on the go. Our client needed very urgently a reliable solution that would be both digitally friendly and easy to integrate with platforms sales representatives often used.

The solution

Qlik Sense was implemented as a dynamic solution that would create all reports and analyses in one place for our client. With the use of Qlik Sense, our client was able to gain competitive advantage and insights of data relationships that were previously cumbersome to get to.

When it comes to mobile, sales representatives need three things: speed, ease of use and functional features. The responsive design of Qlik Sense allowed apps to be developed once and deployed across multiple business units. Qlik Sense was seamlessly integrated into Salesforce which made data consolidation easy and enhanced business performance significantly. The result was that all valuable data was available at the sales representatives’ fingertips instantly.

We are more than happy to contribute to our client’s success! Below is the feedback we received after deploying the solution:

 Just wanted to send a big thank you for the great work you’ve done to help us spin up a new way of delivering insights within SFDC.  The reception is extremely positive.

This alone is a major step in terms of improving our users’ experience and gives our sales management the tools to drive increased adoption.

Thank you for all your support now and in the future.

Director, CRM Services

Use cases:

  • Transformation and unification of multiple data sets
  • Qlik integration into Salesforce
  • Data visibility on mobile devices


  • Scattered data from multiple data sources
  • Inaccessible and immobile data structures
  • Limited accessibility on mobile


  • Agile approach through anytime, anywhere mobility
  • Full view of the data tailored for you
  • Ease of tracking and monitoring sales performance

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