B EYE enables businesses to easily manage rebate calculations and payment data through Anaplan

December 19, 2023


B EYE client, a global leader in patient-focused medical innovations, supplies products and technologies to clinicians in nearly 100 countries around the world.

Based on the global character of its business, the company needed to optimize its rebates calculation process, which has a great impact on its accounting and financial results through Accruals, Net Sales Analysis and CN Proposals.

B EYE brought its client the needed visibility on the rebate calculation process and financial health of the business via 24/7 real-time insight, automated processes, ad-hoc reporting and dashboards.

What is Anaplan used for?

Anaplan offers enterprise-grade collaborative business planning and business information for corporate performance management (CPM). The software is frequently helpful to enhance operational performance by linking planning and analytics.

Major Hindrance before Anaplan

The rebate calculation data of the client were spread across countless countries in different geographies around the world making it difficult to consolidate, review and approve rebate related data in a timely fashion. There was an immediate need to improve upon Excel’s limited ability to handle the scalability and multitude of data and put in order all diverse rebate calculation approaches by bringing the company’s data into one place.

Benefits after Anaplan implementation

The real-time cloud-based automated platform of Anaplan has a built-in intelligence and ability to scale and accommodate large volumes of data and drill down deeper into it, reaching extreme levels of granularity. Through its inherent flexibility and customization features and ability to generate ad-hoc reporting and planning outcomes across multiple dimensions and scenarios, Anaplan serves not only as a financial tool but, also, enables data-driven decision-making.

The platform replaced thousands of spreadsheets with a single model providing customer-oriented and always up to date data source.

Feedback after Anaplan Rebates model launch

“…the Anaplan integration within our company contributed a lot to simplifying the whole process of rebate calculation and Net Sales/Net ASP…”

“…we are faster in calculating our sales deductions and have gained much more transparency on the underlying data.”

“…data analysis and the definition of root causes is much more efficient as well compared to our previous process. “

FP&A Analyst,
Anaplan user

Use cases:

  • Rebate management
  • Net Sales & Credit Notes management
  • Data consolidation


  • Replaced hundreds of spreadsheets with a single model
  • Single, always up-to-date, customer-oriented data source
  • Automated data load and calculation processes
  • User-friendly, secure, cloud-based system


  • Inability to handle vast quantities of data
  • Inability to collate data feeds from disparate systems
  • Visibility on rebate practices across the countries
anaplan dashboard
what is anaplan used for