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The Value of Embedded Analytics

So, you’re distributing your product, sales are going great, development is working hard on improvements or sequel products – it is all business as usual. Well, have you thought about analytics? No, we don’t mean just basic charts and visualizations...

How Sales Reps Lie to Compliance

Let me be clear, I am talking about corporate compliance in the life sciences industry here. Why is compliance important? In short, it helps corporate businesses keep their money and avoid lawsuits.   TL; DR – Why is compliance important?  Compliance...

B EYE – Anaplan Partner 

What is Anaplan? Anaplan is a cloud-based SaaS platform that delivers a unified real-time environment where you can build, optimize, and use planning and forecasting models. With Anaplan, you can transform your business by utilizing their Anaplan Connected Planning solution, which...
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