Meet the Team: Radostina Dimova, the Sporty Quality Assurance Tester at B EYE

Meet the Team: Radostina Dimova, the Sporty Quality Assurance Tester at B EYE

By Lia Katerova

December 15, 2023

Meet Radostina Dimova, fondly known as Radi by her team, who has been enhancing the quality of applications as B EYE’s Quality Assurance Tester for almost three years.

Dedicated to Continuous Improvement and Learning

Radi is passionate about her role at B EYE, where she has the opportunity to play an integral part in refining the fantastic applications developed by the team. She relishes her chance to improve her technical skills continually, step out of her comfort zone, and shape a rewarding career.

When asked about her favorite aspect of working at B EYE, Radi shares, “I love that I have the opportunity to improve even further the awesome applications that the team develops for our clients. I also have the chance to constantly learn and improve my technical skills, get out of my comfort zone, and develop a great career.”

The Athlete Who Loves Quantum Physics

Radi is a keen sportsperson, and her hobbies mirror her love for an active lifestyle. From hiking to playing volleyball, basketball, and ping pong, she embraces a variety of physical activities. She even took up skiing recently, a sport she got introduced to during one of B EYE’s team-building activities. Radi playfully blames B EYE for sparking this new interest.

However, Radi’s interests are not confined to sports alone. When she isn’t being active, she indulges in her fascination with quantum physics. This blend of physical activity and intellectual curiosity defines Radi’s multifaceted personality.

Radostina “Radi” Dimova is an embodiment of the versatility and zest for learning that characterizes the team at B EYE. As a Quality Assurance Tester, her technical skills and dedication to improving applications play a crucial role. Simultaneously, her love for sports and quantum physics adds a unique flavor to the team dynamic, reflecting the rich diversity of interests and talents within the B EYE family.

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