Insight advisor from Qlik Sense June 2018 release: A user’s perspective

Insight advisor from Qlik Sense June 2018 release: A user’s perspective

By Severina Yordanova

December 19, 2023

Insight advisor is one of the latest features from the June 2018 Qlik Sense release. It is built on top of the new Cognitive engine Qlik released in April 2018 to bring a new augmented intelligence-driven experience. Its main function is to auto-generate and suggest the best insights for users to explore further based on overall data set, dimensions and search criteria. With one click the Cognitive engine analyzes the data imported and suggests various visualizations that may be of interest to your project. If the initial suggestions made by the Insight advisor meet your needs, simply add them to your sheet where you can further edit your analyses. In case you’re not satisfied with the charts that you’re offered, you can type what you’re looking for in the search bar.

Highlights of the feature:

If you do not know exactly what information exists in your app data or are quite new to data visualization with the tools of BI, then Insight advisor will give you a good entry point for data exploration. It automatically creates actual data visualizations by analyzing your dataset as a whole, including both new insight charts and existing visualizations from your sheets.

The new feature is extremely dynamic as it reflects any changes in your app, such as added data, new associations, edited tables, etc. and can be downloaded in the form of PDF, an image or an Excel spreadsheet which is perfect to use in business reports or presentations.

If you wish to visualize a concrete part of your data, simply set the Insight advisor to show visualizations only for that data field. For example, if you select the “Region” field, the feature suggests visualizations focusing on “Region”.

Good to know for both business users and developers:

Users and developers need to notice that Insight advisor can be added to existing sheets or to new ones only in unpublished apps. When Insight advisor is not used, users can look for visualizations with smart search.

Any charts you add to the sheet using Insight advisor continue to show as generated until you refresh the app. To fix that, select from the drop-down menu the current or the new sheet where you wish to add your data charts.

Insight charts added to your sheets have Assistance enabled, which offers limited set of properties if you wish to customize your charts. To have a broader choice for customization, simply disable this option.

Last but not least, when you export your insight chart as an image, make sure the maximum size of the image is 2000 by 2000 pixels. Aspect ratio can be maintained by changing the width and height pixels accordingly.

For more information on the June 2018 release, read here.