I chose a career in Bulgaria: Tsvetan Valchovski

I chose a career in Bulgaria: Tsvetan Valchovski

By Lia Katerova

December 15, 2023

“Wellbeing is not about where you live but about what you do”

What is your name? Tsvetan Valchovski

Where do you work? B EYE Ltd.

Position? Business Intelligence Consultant – Qlik Developer & Designer.

Describe your work in several sentences.

My work is mainly focused on creating and maintaining QlikView and Qlik Sense dashboards which are being widely used by our clients. This requires active communication with stakeholders and understanding of their processes and needs, in order to find the best fitting solutions. We work in a complex and evolving IT environment with a lot of cross-system dependencies, integrations, etc., so effective collaboration with other technical teams is also important aspect of our work.

Where have you studied/worked abroad?

I worked for three months in New York, USA (Work and Travel student program) and had one semester at Nottingham Trent University, UK as part of my Master’s program.

How long have you been abroad?

Around 6 Months.

how a qlik developer chose bulgaria Tsvetan-Valchovski

Why did you choose to return to Bulgaria?

I never left the country for long. My time abroad was related to short-term endeavors meant for me to get more diverse and interesting experiences, better education, and a taste of other countries and cultures.

Would you advise young people to return to Bulgaria? Why? Why not? What would you say to those who think there is no future in Bulgaria?

In my opinion, whether there is a future in Bulgaria is determined mostly by us – the young people. Spending time abroad offers a lot of benefits, but this doesn’t mean that staying in Bulgaria is a bad option. I believe that there are a lot of opportunities to be successful in Bulgaria and I have already seen many examples proving that.

What were the three biggest challenges you faced when you came back?

The main challenge for me was to find the right career path for myself and to make the decision about whether to stay and work in Bulgaria or look for opportunities abroad.

What do you think are the three greatest advantages of having a life and a career in Bulgaria?

Staying close to the people who are the most important to me. Benefiting from everything that our country offers – awesome people, nature and much more. Proving that the wellbeing is not about where you live but about what you do.

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