I chose a career in Bulgaria: Stanislav Dyulgyarski

I chose a career in Bulgaria: Stanislav Dyulgyarski

By Lia Katerova

December 15, 2023

I think this is part of what makes Bulgaria a great incubator for success and we can take advantage of it

What is your name? Stanislav Dyulgyarski

Where do you work? B EYE Ltd.

Position? Business Intelligence Consultant

Describe your work in several sentences.

My daily tasks include the creation, improvement, and maintenance of dashboards in Qlik as well as the maintenance and setup of the client’s business intelligence environment. Requirements gathering and discussions with clients on their requests are a main part of the daily work as well, leading to a top-quality product satisfying their analytical needs.

Where have you studied/worked abroad?

I finished my Bachelor’s degree at Saxion University of Applied sciences in the Netherlands. After writing my thesis for an international consulting company, I was invited to join their office in the UK, where I worked as a Business Intelligence Consultant for around a year.

How long have you been abroad?

Around 5 years.

 When did you come back to Bulgaria?

Around March 2020. During the emerging pandemic in Europe.

Why did you choose to return to Bulgaria?

It has always been my plan to return back to Bulgaria. I never thought otherwise. However, I wanted to see as much of the world as possible, explore different cultures and working environments while I was in my 20s, and then bring this experience back home.

Would you advise young people to return to Bulgaria? Why? Why not? What would you say to those who think there is no future in Bulgaria?

Short answer: Definitely! Let’s not lie to each other. We are still a developing country, struggling with bureaucracy, corruption, and poverty. However, I think this is part of what makes it a great incubator for success and we can take advantage of it. There are endless opportunities for the youth, both in terms of chasing a career in a field of interest (There are more and more great companies with truly bright minds working for them, which you could join and never stop learning and developing); as well as lighting up that entrepreneurial spirit and building something great out of your dreams. More and more incubators are emerging in Bulgaria, helping startups succeed, so anything is possible! Change is in our hands, and in my opinion, the future for Bulgaria is looking bright.

What were the three biggest challenges you faced when you came back?

A main challenge back home was that I had to start building my work connections from scratch when I returned. If you studied here, you already have those connections from the University or from attending different seminars in the field of interest. I had a great network while abroad, but somehow its importance skipped my mind, and I had to start developing my business network from scratch in Bulgaria. So if you are abroad and are planning on coming back home, I would definitely advise to start working on this before returning.

What do you think are the three greatest advantages of having a life and a career in Bulgaria?

Work-life balance definitely comes first. Distances are small, and you could always go for a beer after work, visit family or enjoy the cosines of your home with loved ones. As already mentioned, the endless opportunities, both career-wise and in terms of personal growth are another great advantage as well. Third, but not last, the incomparable nature we have and the fact that we are so close to it and can go out there to explore and cherish it on a weekly basis.

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