I chose a career in Bulgaria: Martin Ivanov

I chose a career in Bulgaria: Martin Ivanov

By Severina Yordanova

December 19, 2023

Martin Ivanov who chose a career in Bulgaria: “Change is only possible when people bring it with themselves and make daily efforts towards its achievement.”

What is your name? Martin Ivanov

Where do you work? I work at B EYE Ltd.

Position? Business Intelligence Consultant – Qlik Developer & Designer.

Describe your work in several sentences.

My main tasks include creation, improvement and support of applications based on the Business Intelligent software Qlik. My activities require frequent contact and direct communication with customers to create the best quality product that is as close as possible to their requirements.

Where have you studied/worked abroad?

I finished my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Essex, Colchester, England. My Master’s degree was at the same university but in the Southend campus.

Career in Bulgaria - Martin Ivanov

How long have you been abroad?

I’ve spent 5 years abroad.

When did you come back to Bulgaria?

At the end of 2017.

Why did you choose to return to Bulgaria?

The main reason I took this step were my family and friends. They are my greatest support and it’s important for me to be near them.

Would you advise young people to return to Bulgaria? Why? Why not? What would you say to those who think there is no future in Bulgaria?

I believe that there are so many bright, well-educated and capable people in Bulgaria who are able to build their future here. A man must try to aim for success and happiness here in Bulgaria before deciding to leave the country and live abroad. Bulgaria as a destination should not be young people’s last resort when it comes to well-being and personal development. Change is only possible when people bring it with themselves and make daily efforts towards its achievement. I can definitely see a positive change in our country and a perspective for a better life in Bulgaria.

What were the three biggest challenges you faced when you came back?

I would not say I faced challenges when I returned. An obstacle I encountered was the poor organization of many institutions.

What do you think are the three greatest advantages of having a life and a career in Bulgaria?

The greatest advantage is, definitely, the work-life balance I am able to achieve here as well as the opportunity to keep in touch with my friends and relatives. People here could advance in their career and achieve their professional goals very quickly, especially in specific fast paced areas of development on our Bulgarian market which operates very dynamically and progressively. This fact combined with the considerably lower taxes and product costs is a significant advantage which convincingly tilted the scale in favor of pursuing a life and a career in Bulgaria.

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