#HRinterview: Ahinora Mladenova – HR, Know-How & Quality Lead

#HRinterview: Ahinora Mladenova – HR, Know-How & Quality Lead

By Severina Yordanova

December 19, 2023

Jobtiger asks Ahinora Mladenova about the HR practices in B EYE

What do you like most about your work?

I like the nature, dynamics and variety of the tasks on one hand, because there is always something going on and there is no time to get bored, and the colleagues, on the other, because our team is great (and this is not a cliché) – consisting of active, ambitious, intelligent young people with creative thinking, that are always ready to help.

What are the three most important questions you ask candidates during an interview?

We do not have a formal questionnaire with standard questions that we ask candidates and mark if the person interviewed has answered “yes”, “no” or “maybe”. We talk to our candidates about their interests, competencies, and skills, always looking at them as potential members of our team. During the conversation, many questions that are important may arise and there is no way to determine which is the most important one of them. The three main areas where our questions are focused are related to the applicant’s education, experience, and motivation. In the end, the most important is the candidate’s answer, not the question itself.

What is the best practice for employee retention that you implement?

When a person loves their work and has opportunities for development + works with intelligent and well-educated people that are often not just colleagues, they become friends in the course of the time.

How will you convince a young person who has studied abroad to come back and work in Bulgaria?

B EYE offers what the companies abroad do – interesting and dynamic work, training, opportunities for development and growth, a team of professionals, a pleasant working atmosphere and so much more.

If you had to choose a career, which profession would you turn to and why?

I would again turn to the same profession – human resources specialist because that’s what I always wanted to do and I am doing it with pleasure.

What are your expectations for the upcoming “National Career Days”? What will you offer the candidates that you meet there?

My expectations are to meet many motivated and bright young people who want to develop and take their future in their own hands, not just wait for things to happen. We will offer candidates to visit B EYE’s stand to meet us and our colleagues from QlikView and Anaplan Connected Planning teams who have prepared demos of the relevant software and will be available to demonstrate and answer to every question.

Candidates will also be able to learn more about open positions, the company itself, and our team as a whole. They can also visit our site – www.b-eye.com to gain better insights about what we do. We will present people seeking their opportunities in the field of the most innovative IT field – Business Intelligence – with one of our values, namely – “Energy, focus and a vision into the future”.

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