How BI Saved Easter

December 19, 2023

Once upon a time, there was a little fluffy bunny, which gave colorful eggs and yummy candies to the good children the night before Easter. The kids were so full of joy, that the bunny made a promise to continue spreading happiness to them with his special gifts each Easter.

Years passed and the little bunny became a big old rabbit – the most distinguished of his kind. Through the years he worked very hard to keep its promise. He established “Hare&Hare” and gathered the most talented bunnies to help him on his quest. Together they discovered that children not only preferred chocolate eggs but also enjoyed a challenge. Therefore, the bunnies started to hide the eggs, which became one of the most beloved traditions of Easter. The old rabbit was so proud of his life-long work and was happy to leave the family business in the capable hands of his son. After all, every child expected the holiday with excitement… or at least it used to be so…

It was the beginning of April and a sense of anxiety was going through the corridors of “Hare&Hare”. Thumper, the current Chief Easter Rabbit, was pacing in his office nervously, after making a terrible discovery.

“How could that have happened?! I just cannot believe it”, he murmured. Time has passed and many things have changed for the once prosperous “Hare&Hare”. Fewer and fewer children were believing in the Easter Bunny and the “Faith level” indicator had reached its lowest point in its entire history. Even worse, the children started finding the eggs so easily that all the trill was gone from their hearts. Desperate to find a solution to the troubling situation, Thumper had invested heavily in all kinds of tech gadgets and analytical tools and even started working undercover to check why children no longer believed in the Easter Rabbit.

And finally, one day during his walk in the park, while pretending to be an ordinary, cuddly bunny, Thumper overhead a group of children talking about some wicked app that shows you where it is most likely to find the Easter eggs. Moreover, the app allowed its users to share updates and hints on the different locations, making finding the eggs easier and easier with each passing year.

Thumper was so shocked, that he quickly ran to the Headquarters of “Hare&Hare” and called an emergency meeting with his senior Easter rabbits. Finally, all of them gathered.

“How can we fight this app?”, asked Thumper. “Easter will never be the same without hunting for eggs! This is what differentiates us from all other holidays.”

“Well, we have built the fancy data warehouse that you wanted so much”, said Hoary, who was very proud of being with the company longer than anyone else.

“True… we are experiencing some issues with the data mart… I don’t actually think we can make it in only two weeks. But back in the day, we’ve faced much worse and we’ve turned out fine. Let this new app-thingy be, we do not need to change!”

“We will lose our competitive advantage! If we don’t solve this problem, the other holidays will have much more Faith percentage than us! People will stop believing in the Easter Bunny altogether and we will become like Nessie!”, Thumper was now yelling.

“The other holidays…”, Smartie started slowly.

“Yes, the other holidays, Smartie”, said Hoary with annoyance. “We do not need to concern ourselves with them.”

“I think I have an idea, Thumper”, Smartie smiled. “You know that Santa was also experiencing problems. But he said his return on investment had increased significantly this year. Why don’t you ask him?”

“My smart Smartie! Sure, I will!”, exclaimed Thumper.

“Ah, you youngsters. First some data warehouse, which cannot store even a single egg, now this.” frowned Hoary, but Thumper could not hear him as he was already running through the door.

Later that day Thumper was drinking hot chocolate with Santa, discussing the dire situation.

“The children have an app. They store historical data about places they found eggs in. As you know, we rabbits stick with our traditional ways. However, I must confess there is a lack of data literacy among us. We created a data warehouse to help us make better analysis. We stored our data and transformed it, but we still cannot use it well enough to get the insights we need. There is not enough time until Easter to solve all our problems. Can you please help us?”

“Sure thing, Thumper. I’ve implemented an amazing BI solution last year and since then everything goes quite smoothly. Why don’t you try it yourself?”

“But Santa, we already have a data warehouse! And I don’t think I have the time to learn new software. We only have 2 weeks and so many things to do!”

“Calm down, Thumper. Let me show you how easy it is to get the data from your data warehouse into the solution.”, said Santa turning his laptop to Thumper. “And once you have these connections, you can just add more files to your model. See, you have all your data under one roof. And don’t worry about the complicated analysis! Let me show you how to make nice charts…”

The following week the “Easter 2019” Dashboard was already done. Thumper and Smartie added all available information – from their data warehouse, the app and many other sources. All bunnies passed training for data analysts and were using the dashboard successfully. The data literacy in “Hare&Hare” rose with an average of 73%. The junior Easter bunnies were now capable of hiding their eggs in places that were less often used before and that were not noted in the app. Smartie calculated that this year finding the eggs would be with 38% harder and the Faith level was going to increase by 34%. It was going to be a great Easter!