I chose a career in Bulgaria: Alexandar Madjarov

I chose a career in Bulgaria: Alexandar Madjarov

By Severina Yordanova

December 19, 2023

qlik developer Alexandar Madjarov

Alexandar Madjarov who chose a career in Bulgaria: 

“Though I had built relationships in England few of them were close enough to what your relatives and closest friends can give you.” 

What is your name? Alexandar Madjarov

Employer name? I work at „B EYE“ ltd.

Position? Business Intelligence Consultant – QlikView Developer & Designer

Describe your work in several sentences. 

I lead a small team of Business Intelligence consultants. Our job is mainly focused on the creation, upgrade, and maintenance of QlikView applications and solutions for automatic reporting of all kinds. We do infrastructure projects and software integrations. My duties include lots of communications with clients – usually from different organizational departments and positions. I involve myself also with internal rules and procedures creation and with projects for team learning and development.

Where have you studied/worked abroad?

I studied for 4 years at The University of Southampton in England. My course was a Master’s degree, which is the standard case with most engineering studies in England. I worked part-time during the last 2 years of my education. After graduation, I continued to work full-time at the same place, but I was actively looking for an engineering position.

More about BI and Qlik:

The purpose of Business Intelligence is to analyze data and present it as actionable information to help executives and other enterprise users make informed business decisions. It can benefit a business organization through faster and more accurate reporting, improved data quality, and reduced costs, which leads to various optimizations and the overall efficiency of the organization.

Qlik is a proven data discovery solution for creating rapidly developed, highly interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards that allow everyone in the organization to freely explore all their data, across all their data sources.

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