Material Shortage

Supply Chain Management
Optimizing the whole supply chain process with accurate data and forecasting models. Automated up-to-date report of inventory planning Increased the reliability of data A week and a half saved per month Problem Our client is a global medical device company,...

Logistics Analysis

Supply Chain Management
Automated real-time reporting on carriers, deliveries, and SLA delays, with an enhanced OTIF reporting model A unified criteria reporting system introduced to all carriers Introducing and calculating “On time” and “In full” KPIs Efficient monitoring of SLA delays Problem A...

Production and Supply Chain Risk Diversification

Supply Chain Management
A 360 supply chain overview: improving efficiency and ensuring the optimal product supply throughout the dynamic market landscape Real-time monitoring of market coverage Dynamic overview of global supply flows Easy access to alternate suppliers in edge cases Problem Our client, a...

Warehouse Capacity Projection Analysis

Supply Chain Management
Optimize warehouse storage spacing and increase capacity while cutting additional expenses Optimize warehouse space Forecast capacity increases Save on additional expenses Problem Our client, a life sciences company, produces a high volume of products. As they don’t own warehouses, they...

Product Track and Trace

Supply Chain Management
A 360 overview of parts and products across the whole supply chain with definitive status data 360 overview of product data Instant availability of real-time reports Detailed and automated product and parts traceability Problem It’s crucial for every manufacturer to...

Full Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Supply Chain Management
A real-time overview of the potential inventory and stocking risks that can be used for any warehouse around the world Automate your process and calculations Utilize forecasts for better inventory planning Save weeks of time spent in calculations Problem Do...
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