Case Study: B EYE empowers businesses to have full visibility on their Supply Chain

December 15, 2023

A worldwide leader in medical technologies and innovations needed to improve its entire logistical process, to ensure the optimal customer experience and to minimize waste in the delivery services.

The company is present in most countries across the world and needs to send parcels with goods from centralized international manufacturing sites and warehouses.  Therefore, the logistics team needs to use many and different carriers. Due to the nature of their business, these deliveries are extremely time-sensitive, and permissible deadlines need to be kept at all cost. However, because of the different systems used by the carriers, the process of gathering data from them was mostly manual and the data was not standardized. As a result, it was hard to optimally assess their performance and calculate losses due to damages and delays. Moreover, the company also was not able to unify the service-level agreement (SLA) that is to be required from carriers, as such analysis was only possible on a regional level.


Use Case:

  • Global sales presence
  • Using multiple carriers with different data gathering systems
  • Inefficient data gathering from the carriers
  • Orders and carriers not optimally processed

The Challenges:

  • Differences in the CRM interfaces from carrier to carrier
  • Inability to collect data from disparate carriers’ systems
  • Complexities of the client’s ERP system
  • Lacking vital data for assessing the carriers’ service levels


  • Introducing a unified criteria list to be used by all carriers
  • Enabling automatic gathering of carrier information
  • Introducing and calculating “On time” and “In full” KPIs
  • Calculating the service-level agreement (SLA) delay