Career Prospects in Business Intelligence and Business Planning

Career Prospects in Business Intelligence and Business Planning

By Severina Yordanova

December 19, 2023

Petya Staneva is one of the top students in “Technical University” of Sofia. Currently, she is in her last year of Bachelor in “Applied Mathematics and Informatics”. Led by her interest in Business Intelligence and Business Planning technologies, she joined B EYE’s team as an Anaplan Developer & Consultant after meeting the company for the first time in an event for the top students at “Technical University”. As someone, who has already joined the workforce and is keeping an excellent student record at the same time, Petya gave an interview for the Program “Careers” on TV Europa about the challenges this can bring. Based on her interest in business technologies, we asked her some further questions.

How do you combine work and studies at the same time?

Combining both can be quite a difficult task, resulting in a stressful schedule. However, I think I am quite fortunate as in B EYE l can take time off for my studies to attend exams and lectures. The team is just great, I was lucky to first meet them on a teambuilding and get to know them outside work. I believe I would have been much more nervous, if I did not know anyone on my first day. All my colleagues are very helpful, and I can always rely on them for everything. I am also very grateful to my mentor, whose care and guidance made the process of taking over the job very smooth.

Tell us something about your work?

I am part of the Anaplan team. We work with raw data that we transform via Anaplan into meaningful economic models. Thanks to these models, the companies can easily make fast and data driven decisions. Normally, every business has many different data sources and it can take a long time to find what you really need, yet when you can find all your data structured in a single platform, like Anaplan, you can truly see the whole picture where your business is heading. It can really help companies with every planning activity that they have such as Territory and Quota Planning, Sales Forecasting, Demand and Supply Planning, and much more.
I believe my job is a perfect symbiosis between being a developer and being a consultant. I think that this is an advantage compared to being only a developer as developing is just the first step, afterwards you must be able to consult your clients how to use your application in the best way to meet their own unique needs. In this sense, I am learning a lot from my team mates as they are always striving to give their clients the best customer experience possible.

In my opinion, the Business Intelligence and Business Planning technologies are still not so widely spread here in Bulgaria. Yet, in the future they will play a major role, making it a field with great career prospects. Therefore, I am happy to be here in B EYE, where the people already have great expertise when it comes to this area.

Can you give advice to the young people, who are just starting their career path?

They should think hard what they really want and fight even harder to get there. It takes tons of hard work but once you have a clear vision of your goal, your determination will be the compass to guide you.

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