B EYE participated in one of the biggest Digital healthcare events

B EYE participated in one of the biggest Digital healthcare events

By Severina Yordanova

December 15, 2023

BYE’s founder, Dimitar Dekov, was a keynote speaker at one of the most significant Digital healthcare events in Bulgaria, organized by the Digital Health and Innovation (DHI) Cluster and supported by the Embassy of Switzerland.

He shared his insights on how data empowers healthcare organizations to become more effective and how it can make a big difference for any healthcare system.

“Unfortunately, Bulgaria is not known for its good healthcare system, but this is not simply due to the medical knowledge of our physicians. In fact, we have some wonderful doctors, but there is no data-driven culture here. Let me paraphrase Peter Drucker, whose work has a significant impact on the foundations of the modern business corporations. Management is nothing without being able to measure the results of its decisions. Therefore, any organization, regardless of the sector it operates in, needs to have on-time information and analytics. I often visit international seminars on Business Intelligence, where topics such as AI and machine learning are discussed and I have noticed that some of the most active participants are always hospitals or pharmaceuticals.”, Mr. Dekov shared.

According to him, for healthcare organizations to be successful, they need to start making use of their data as soon as possible and not to operate merely on a gut feeling. However, it must also be realized that as there is not a single pill that is a panacea for all diseases, there is also not a single analytical system that can do everything. For healthcare corporations to yield the best results, they must often implement several systems.

“Nevertheless, investing in new technologies should never be looked upon as just another expense. Indeed, new technologies are the most valuable assets that a company can have in the 21st century and they are the key for the healthcare organizations to step into a new age of digital transformation.”, Mr. Dekov concluded.


Digital Health and Innovation Cluster is a nonprofit organization that supports companies and organizations in the field of digital health and innovative healthcare solutions. The Cluster was established with the goal to build an ecosystem in healthcare and boost sustainability and efficiency in the system for patients, HCPs, entrepreneurs, and society.