B EYE allies with Deloitte and BBBA for a Data-Driven Economy

B EYE allies with Deloitte and BBBA for a Data-Driven Economy

By Severina Yordanova

December 15, 2023

We joined forces with Deloitte and BBBA to help companies be successful in a data-driven economy. During the event, lecturers from B EYE, Deloitte, Raiffeisenbank, MishMash, and Sciant, came together to share their insights and experience on the topic with the audience.

“Nowadays, what differentiates market leaders from the rest is how they utilize data in their business. You can think of data as the new currency of the digital economy. In the last two years, we have generated more data compared to the entire human history before that. Therefore, more and more countries such as Finland are investing in ways to increase data literacy skills among the workforce”, shared Neda Hitsova, Business Development Lead at B EYE.

“How should companies approach data analytics to be successful? The method is simple, and it is called “Data Democratization” or to make the data accessible to all people in the organization. You should try to unleash the potential of all your employees, providing them with the data and tools that they need to be efficient and achieve the best results.”, concluded Dimitar Dekov, Founder and CEO of B EYE. 

The event was well-attended by company representatives and decision-makers from various sectors, among which Banks, Pharmaceutical and Telecommunications, who came to learn more about how businesses can harness the potential of their data to maximize their business results.