Anaplan Model Optimization by a whole 25%?

Anaplan Model Optimization by a whole 25%?

By Severina Yordanova

December 19, 2023

Efficiency goes up, costs go down! 

B EYE team did a major optimization of a key Anaplan model for a customer in the medical industry.

The model that was built in 2016 grew significantly in size, which incurred more space costs.

To address the issue a team of consultants did a detailed analysis of the model components and found the ones that could possibly make a major impact on storage utilization if re-worked. As a result, the model was optimized, and its size was reduced by 25% while all the user functionalities were kept.

Due to client`s satisfaction, the team is now engaged in building models in other business areas for the same company. B EYE not only develops models that meet the business user’s custom needs, but also helps clients improve their processes and bring unification across different divisions and geographies.

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