Anaplan June 2018 release – discover what’s new

Anaplan June 2018 release – discover what’s new

By Dimitar Dekov

December 19, 2023

The June 2018 release brought a number of unique usability and modelling experience advancements to the Anaplan platform. We, B EYE team, are very happy to walk you through some of the most exciting features announced during the last release.

If you’re familiar with Anaplan, then you probably keep track of all its new platform releases and enhancements. If you’re currently exploring ways to make your financial planning more effective, then maybe the June 2018 release has something of interest to you.

Visualizations to blow your mind

Anaplan now has a new visual enhancement to fascinate its users with – linking images to the dashboard. Added images could be in different formats: .png, .jpeg, .jpg, or even gifs. Imagine you can use all formats available to display the perfect visual for your business purpose. Attractive dashboards and numbers that speak volumes – your planning processes become more efficient than ever.

What’s the benefit?

It’s easier to identify an item on a list of complex data, when you have a corresponding image in front of you. Forget about having to remember or look for the product code or SKU while you’re making your planning. Visuals will help you identify the exact item you’re looking at: by displaying a brand logo or a product section, for example.

Focus on protecting what’s important

Data security is critical for all businesses and computer users. Client information, payment details, personal files, etc. – all of this is vital and can be hard to replace if it falls into the wrong hands. With Dynamic Cell Access, you’re in charge of the valuable information you’re working with and the way you distribute it. You can now independently control access to cell data in modules and dashboard grids at a very granular level. Dynamic Cell Access allows you to hide or display sensitive information whenever you need and however you need: in read-only, editable or invisible mode (We promise the data is still here, not missing!).

What’s the benefit?

Sensitive data needs to be protected and Anaplan and its partners value that. With Dynamic Cell Access you can control what information can be seen. Depending on your needs, you can restrict access and ensure data security for items that only you can explore.

what is anaplan connected planning

Complexity made simple

Do you sometimes get confused by lengthy explanations in manuals? The same goes with dashboard orientation. Anaplan’s connected planning new feature includes adding tooltips to dashboard grids and buttons. As you’re exploring the Anaplan dashboard, you will see only guides that will walk you through your options on the dashboard. Reduced clutter at the cost of a beautiful dashboard!

What’s the benefit?

Utilizing unstructured data has tremendous benefits. Structured data is easily trackable, manageable and utilized when you have to deal with lots of percentages, items, cells… You know what we’re talking about. Your dashboard layout will stay clean and neat, which is also a big plus.

Find the needle in your haystack

You will never be lost in data, once you start exploring the search option in page selectors. Users of this functionality can search for any page to reflect the data they see on the dashboard with the search option in page selectors. Page search has never been easier even if you have a dashboard with a great amount of depth and breadth.

What’s the benefit?

You will easily find any page you are interested in within a large hierarchy or data set. Every needle in the haystack will be found.

To learn more about the June 2018 release, watch the webinar in Anaplan community .