All for Оne and Оne for Аll in Connected Planning

December 19, 2023

The best sports teams in history worked seamlessly together, almost as though they were connected with the help of Artificial intelligence. Although far from the world of professional sport, large organizations today are facing the same struggle – groups of individuals learning to work seamlessly with one another –  as they perform in a context of unprecedented market uncertainty. This is where Anaplan comes to help the business.

The ”All for One and One for All” Principle in Action

Connected planning with Anaplan means putting together vital pieces of the business that are otherwise difficult to consider as one system. It lays on three key pillars – transforming raw data into actionable insight, connecting users with processes and vice versa and aligning strategic objectives with the day-to-day execution.

While traditional business planning of yesterday lacks the technology of collaboration and forward thinking, Anaplan gives you the solution of tomorrow’s problems. But today. Let’s put it that way. If you as a Business development manager of a large organization had to use specialized tools and systems for each operation, resulting in separate finance, sales, supply chain and marketing plans, how would you bring about effective business planning? The answer is – you don’t. Anaplan may look like a simple spreadsheet, but it is much more powerful than that. Its planning solution is best known for the ease of use and integrated approach – we mean projects, teams or even existing enterprise systems that are linked together by one single platform – Anaplan.

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Not just another ERP system

Many of us have heard that if we fail to plan, then we most definitely plan to fail. Likewise, organizations that score remarkable development have a forward-looking focus and ability to adapt faster to changes than others. But how do they do it? The answer is: they consider the future. Unlike other major business intelligence players like SAP, Oracle and IBM which migrated from legacy on-premise deployment to offering a cloud-based solution, Anaplan platform started its life in the cloud. It offers easy integration with other systems businesses are currently working with – Salesforce, Workday and even the old-fashioned Excel spreadsheets, making it the ultimate planning solution for every business, project or a team. You name it.

Winner’s choice

Often when you hear something about Anaplan, it is followed by phrases like “enhances connectivity”, “boosts operational performance”, “transforming the way our entire organization is functioning”. As most businesses aim for an inclusive solution that gives them insight about how different processes within their enterprise are performing, Anaplan often proves itself to be “the” single network that connects such functions and activities of the enterprise that sometimes may be disjointed.

Anaplan facilitates all channels of the business: It helps Commercial teams to adapt to market changes quickly and efficiently, supports the business through every step of the Supply chain management and gives the Financial team the agility to manage risks and respond to regulatory changes. An end-to-end solution for the business.

Anaplan Testimonials

Connected Planning is exciting because it brings speed to our decision-making that allows us to get the right product at the right place at the right moment for the consumer.

Peter Smith
EVP Global Supply chain

Using Anaplan has allowed our commercial team to adapt to market changes quickly and efficiently… Value of Anaplan is that we have one source of the truth that is hugely important for the business.

Dave Ciaramello
Director, Commercial Services & Insights

Among the other customers who have implemented Anaplan as their trusted business planning solution are Cisco, Coca-Cola and HP. If you are interested to know more, contact our consultants and we will offer you an industry-specific solution that answers your needs.

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