Persona Level

Segment your company data so that each department has visibility over its relevant data with our Persona Level solution.

 All your data in one place 

Segment your company data

Two types of data restrictions


Each little bit of data is important when making key decisions for your company. However, too often, all of the company data gets spread out into multiple dashboards for a more optimized workflow. This results in a very time-consuming and report-heavy process down the line when managers, leaders, and stakeholders want to analyze the current company situation. Well, a client of ours was in a similar predicament and needed a more optimized solution. All the different departments had to view their relevant data, but everything needed to remain in one place for a more streamlined decision-making process for the VPs, CEOs, and other company leaders.


Our developers quickly rolled up their sleeves and developed the Persona Level solution. It’s coded in JavaScript, and it allows for two different types of restrictions – by sheet or by role. This means that all the company data can be easily collected in one dashboard and segmented based on user preference. When users view a sheet, and the restriction is customized by role, they might see the same visualizations but with different data, or they might see completely different visualizations altogether. The default settings can be whatever management wants, and they can be quite flexible to accommodate any enterprise or dashboard layout.


With our solution, our client could finally have an all-in-one place to check and analyze their data. This helped them save around 3-4 hours per week in switching dashboards and refocusing their efforts. Furthermore, the sectioning of data helped keep everything secure and to the point while still utilizing a single source of truth. This meant that there were no data discrepancies between different apps, and every department could confidently make data-based decisions without any additional worry.