Guided Tours

Effortlessly train new users and get introduced to new app features with the help of our Guided Tours solution.

Save time training new users

Let your users see how the data they’re using is formed

Bypass the language barrier when introducing your dashboards


Inducting new users into your workflow is a tedious but necessary job that often eats up your productive time, especially when multiple users are involved. But what if it didn’t have to be like this? Well, a client of ours came to that same conclusion after they spent a ton of time getting things set up for a new office branch they were opening in another country. Moreover, the induction process took more than usual since the new hires weren’t completely fluent in English. So, our client came to us with a request to develop a more dynamic way for them to go through this and other similar processes in the future.


Our developers set off straight away to create the ideal solution – Guided Tours – an extension that would help new users get acquainted with the company dashboards. Every dashboard could be customized with this solution, and it offered the benefits of technical documentation in a paced and interactive manner. Because of its flexible nature, our Guided Tours offered two distinct approaches – an on-demand experience and a preset one, triggered when the user first opens the app. The interactive prompts that popped up didn’t just consist of text but also GIFs to showcase the intended use-case better. And finally, the Guided Tour text could be set up in any language to help users from around the world get acquainted with the tools at hand quicker.


In the end, with our solution implemented, our client managed to save a ton of time by leaving new user inductions and guideline teachings to our handy extension. Guided Tours also helped them introduce data transparency and understanding within the company since, with it, users could see how the analytics were being formed and where the data came from. Additionally, the preset dynamic tours helped our client quickly and easily comprehend all the new features that came with each new update. This saved time on both the development and end-user sides because no repetitive or unnecessary questions were asked.