Qlik Database Importer: Streamlining Data Integration in Large Qlik Environments

Qlik Database Technical Solution

Optimize Qlik data management and integration with minimal manual effort using Qlik Database Importer.

Highly optimized writing process

Scheduling and prioritization of data elements

Multithreading technology


In large Qlik environments, organizations face challenges in managing and leveraging their existing Qlik ETLs (Extract, Transform, Load) processes. The constant need for QVD (QlikView Data) updates and the difficulty in integrating Qlik data with other systems can hinder the efficient utilization of data assets. Furthermore, migrating Qlik ETLs to other data warehouse systems is time-consuming and expensive, requiring countless hours of manual work. 


Qlik Database Importer is a tool designed to solve these challenges by directly importing QVDs into various databases, effectively unlocking inherited Qlik restrictions and enabling seamless integration with other systems. Key features and benefits of Qlik DB Importer include a highly optimized writing process, which streamlines the data import process and ensures that information is quickly and accurately transferred to the desired databases. The tool allows users to define the order and timing of data imports through scheduling and prioritization of data elements, ensuring the most critical information is available when needed. Qlik DB Importer leverages multithreading technology to accelerate the import process, increasing efficiency and reducing the time required for data integration. By using Qlik DB Importer, organizations can keep their existing Qlik ETLs, remove the need for time-consuming ETL migration, and spread their data assets across various systems. 


Qlik Database Importer has proven to be a successful solution for organizations looking to optimize their Qlik environments and enhance data integration. By leveraging the tool’s unique features, organizations have experienced significant improvements in data management, reporting, and analytics capabilities. The highly optimized writing process, scheduling and prioritization of data elements, and multithreaded writing for increased speed have resulted in more efficient data integration and reduced operational costs. Most importantly, Qlik DB Importer has removed the need for expensive and time-consuming ETL migration, allowing organizations to focus on unlocking the full potential of their data assets.