What’s New in Data Analytics Tech: Your Must-Know Q2 Updates 

What’s New in Data Analytics Tech: Your Must-Know Q2 Updates 

By Lia Katerova

September 8, 2023

As data and analytics technology rapidly evolves, keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest advancements in leading platforms like Qlik Cloud, Tableau, Power BI, Snowflake and Anaplan becomes crucial. 

However, combing through extensive product release notes can be time-consuming and overwhelming. 

That’s why we’ve curated the essential Q2 2023 updates for you, spotlighting their significance and practical applications.  

What’s more, we’ll shed light on some promising Qlik Cloud, Tableau, Power BI, and Snowflake events that are creating a buzz in the data and analytics industry. 

In this article, we’ll highlight some must-know updates that will keep you informed and ahead of the game in your data analytics endeavors. So, let’s get started! 

Q2 Qlik Updates

New Qlik Cloud Releases  

The Q2 2023 updates from Qlik Cloud reflect its consistent focus on enhancing data integration and user capabilities. Key updates include expanded direct query capabilities and the Google Analytics 4 connector introduction. Here are the noteworthy changes in more detail. 

Data Integration & Data Sources 

The latest update from Qlik Cloud introduces expanded Direct Query capabilities, enabling users to seamlessly connect with a range of new databases, including Azure SQL, Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. Direct Query empowers analytics applications to interact with cloud databases through SQL pushdown directly, facilitating dynamic data exploration, visualization, and filtering. This feature also allows application developers to create SQL-centric solutions for tasks such as big-data analysis or near real-time scenarios. 

Admin & Management  

Admins can now allot security roles to all users within a tenant, made possible by an Auto assign column in the Management Console’s Permissions tab. This allows the easy distribution of content to everyone within a tenant and offers everyone roles to manage access to Qlik Cloud‘s features. 

Analytics, Catalog & Lineage 

Qlik has also improved its Catalog profile service to handle large files more efficiently. The service will now calculate statistics and generate a schema based on the number of rows rather than the size of the file, with a cap of 12 million rows. 

Qlik Updates Visualizations

Visualizations & Dashboarding 

The latest Visualization bundle includes a new straight table enhancing self-service capabilities through chart exploration. App users can now personalize their table presentation, and app creators can customize the table extensively, down to the column level.  

New Google Analytics 4 Connector 

Finally, the Qlik Google Analytics 4 connector is now available, offering data extraction from Google Analytics 4-powered websites and apps.  

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Upcoming Qlik Cloud Events 

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Q2 Tableau Updates

New Tableau Releases  

Tableau‘s substantial update (Tableau 2023.1) enriches developers’ experience and expands recent features to the Tableau Server environment, including: 

Accelerator Data Mapping 

You can now minimize the time and effort needed to set up Accelerator’s dashboards with Accelerator Data Mapping. The newly introduced Data Mapping UI aids users in integrating external data into the Accelerator. 

Tableau Updades 2023

Tableau for Slack Upgrades 

The improved Tableau app for Slack allows you to boost your data-centered collaboration. Key enhancements include sharing Tableau content with context, efficient content searching, and easy access to recent insights and favorites. 

Identity Pools for Tableau Server 

Lastly, Tableau Server now features Identity Pools, a feature that breaks the limitation of a single identity store. This feature allows you to integrate additional pools and modern authentication via OpenID Connect. 

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Upcoming Tableau Events 

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Q2 Power BI Updates

New Power BI Releases 

The Power BI May 2023 feature summary highlights key updates that amplify data visualization and analysis capabilities. Notable updates include:  

Power BI Direct Lake Mode 

We are thrilled to announce that the public preview of Direct Lake mode for Power BI datasets on Fabric Lakehouses is a fact! The public preview for Direct Lake mode datasets on Fabric Warehouses will also launch soon. For the time being, the latter is in private preview, but it still takes effect if you use the SQL Endpoint for Lakehouse. 

The Azure Analysis Services to Fabric and Power BI Premium Migration Experience 

Now generally available, this feature allows for the seamless migration of semantic models from Azure Analysis Services (AAS) to Fabric, Power BI Premium or Power BI Embedded with just a few clicks! 

Optimize Ribbon in Power BI Desktop 

The general availability of the Optimize ribbon in Power BI Desktop offers an enhanced report authoring experience with three main features: Pause visuals, Optimization presets, and the Apply all slicers button. 

Hybrid Tables 

Hybrid Tables, combining import mode and DirectQuery mode in a single table, is now generally available for your advanced Power BI datasets. This means that your production solutions can now have fast performance for historical data stored in import-mode partitions and real-time data freshness for your latest data queried in DirectQuery mode. 

Power Bi Updates 2023

Azure Log Analytics for Power BI Datasets 

The integration of Power BI with Azure Log Analytics is now generally available, providing a powerful tool for administrators to analyze their detailed historical activity and independently perform diagnostics on their dataset activities. 

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Upcoming Power BI Events 

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Q2 Snowflake Updates

New Snowflake Releases 

You can now experience the trial version of Snowflake’s latest capabilities encompassing event tables, logging, and tracing. These additions let users collect log and trace data from the handler code of procedures and functions into an event table for in-depth analysis. 

SQL Updates 

This release introduces a slew of new SQL functions, primarily focusing on semi-structured data operations. The support for the GEOMETRY data type has also achieved general availability, enabling features in a Euclidean coordinate system. This innovation extends to all Snowflake accounts, providing functionalities for creating, formatting, measuring, and comparing GEOMETRY objects. 

Data Governance Enhancements 

Memoizable functions, which cache and retrieve results from user-defined functions (UDFs), are now generally available. This upgrade primarily boosts the performance of complex queries, notably in mapping tables referenced within row access policies or masking policies. 

Snowflake Updates 2023

Web Interface Upgrades 

The new Snowsight URL format identifies an account using its name and organization, and the creation and editing of named stages can be performed in Snowsight without SQL. Snowflake has also launched the preview of the Data » Governance interface in Snowsight, an innovative feature to oversee data governance. 

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Upcoming Snowflake Events 

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Anaplan Updates

New Anaplan Releases 

Anaplan continues to refine its capabilities with the latest release, introducing features that are designed to enhance flexibility and efficiency for its users. 

Remove Limit for List Reset Index 

One such update is the removal of the list index limit, which was previously capped at 900 million for empty lists. Now, users are empowered to reset their lists as required, as long as the list is empty. 

API – Bulk Model Delete 

The API – Bulk Model Delete feature marks another significant enhancement. It allows users to self-manage and eliminate multiple models by providing a comma-separated list of ModelGuids. The returned response offers a clear summary of the deleted models, and in cases where some models could not be deleted, the specific ModelGuids are returned for reference. 

Upcoming Anaplan Events 

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Anaplan Updates 2023

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Wrapping Up: Navigating the Rapid Advancements in Data Analytics 

As we wrap up this Q2 update, it is clear that data analytics technology is constantly evolving, making it vital for businesses to stay informed and adapt. The updates in data analytics technology, with enhancements from Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, and Snowflake, are fueling remarkable progress in data management, visualization, and interpretation. These developments underscore the importance of staying current in a data-driven era, as they offer strategic insights and competitive advantage. As we move forward, let’s keep our eyes peeled for the next wave of advancements in Q3. Stay ahead, stay informed, and maximize your data’s potential with these cutting-edge technologies! 

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