Top 10 BI & Data Trends 2023 Qlik Webinar

Top 10 BI & Data Trends 2023 Qlik Webinar

By Lia Katerova

August 21, 2023

Welcome to the new year, 2023! Qlik is kicking off the year with an exciting webinar on the Top 10 BI & Data Trends for 2023. As a company that stays abreast of the latest trends in the world of data, B EYE is eager to tune in and learn from the experts at Qlik.

We’ve already done our own research and have identified our Top 5 Most Exciting Trends for 2023. We’re looking forward to seeing what insights the Senior Director of Qlik will share during the webinar and can’t wait to discuss them together.

As a long-time partner of Qlik, B EYE invites you to join us in listening to the Qlik Data Trends webinar on January 11. Registration is quick and easy – simply follow the link and fill in the required information. We hope you’ll join us in learning about the exciting trends shaping the world of data in 2023!