Showcasing to TU Students the Data and Analytics Future Culture

Showcasing to TU Students the Data and Analytics Future Culture

By Severina Yordanova

December 29, 2023

We are very honored to partner again with the largest technical university in Bulgaria – The Technical University (TU), in order to introduce many TU students to the wonders of Business Intelligence.

B EYE‘s founder, Dimitar Dekov, was invited as a special guest lecturer and spoke to the enthusiastic first-year students on the topic of “Data and analytics – the culture that will change the economy”.

During his lecture, Mr. Dekov addressed the importance of data and analytics when it comes to making business decisions and stated that the key difference between successful and unsuccessful companies, often comes from the way they use their data. However, it is very shocking to discover that, according to research, only 24% of the main decision-makers are truly data-literate. The majority of them prefer trusting their “gut” feeling compared to data when building strategies and making important decisions. Furthermore, often many organizations do not invest in further improving their employees’ data literacy.

If this trend continues, the gap between the successful companies and everyone else will only widen. Therefore, it is up to both the current and future managers to embrace analytics in their decision-making processes and build data-based culture in their company. The ones who fail to do so will be the ones who will lose not only market share but could be even entirely wiped out by the competition.


The Technical University, based in Sofia, is the largest technical university in Bulgaria. Founded in 1945, it was the first and largest polytechnic center and supported the establishment of most of the higher technical colleges in the country. Nowadays, the university sets educational standards and national priorities for the development of engineering education and science.