Meet the Team: Kristina Radolova, the Artistic Technical Support Manager at B EYE

Meet the Team: Kristina Radolova, the Artistic Technical Support Manager at B EYE

By Lia Katerova

August 21, 2023

Meet Kristina Radolova, the dynamic Technical Support Manager at B EYE, who has been an essential part of the team since January 2020.

Dynamic Role with Diverse Collaboration

Kristina has been with B EYE for 3.5 years now, which, in her words, has „flown by.“ Throughout this period, her role as Technical Support Manager has been highly dynamic, with a range of responsibilities that go beyond people management.

She particularly enjoys her collaborations with the varied team members within the company. Interacting closely with individuals from all departments, ranging from the development teams to administration, human resources, stakeholders, and even end-users, has provided her with an insightful glimpse into the bigger picture of the organization.

This vibrant and diverse collaboration is what Kristina adores most about her role at B EYE. „Working with so many different people on all levels of the organization is very inspiring. I love that!“ she shares with an evident passion.

The Bookworm Artist

Away from the hustle and bustle of business hours, Kristina transforms into a devoted bookworm. She spends her free time nestled in the park, engrossed in a book or indulging in her newfound interest – learning to draw. Her artistic inclination doesn’t end there.

B EYE’s Friendly Artist: A Fun Beginning

In an amusing revelation, Kristina shares a fun incident from her initial days at B EYE. In her effort to quickly memorize everyone’s names, she devised an artistic strategy. She used the back of her work notebook to create little drawings of all her teammates, adding quick notes about their hobbies and interests.

Whenever her teammates asked her something, she would pretend to be „reading her notes,“ while in reality, she would be referring to her charming „Team cheat sheet“ to know them better. She still treasures these drawings in her old notebook, serving as a memento of her early days at B EYE.

A Day in the Park

Kristina’s candid picture, „A Day in the Park,“ perfectly embodies her zest for life and love for nature. This picture encapsulates her love for reading and drawing, two passions she often indulges in during her leisure hours at the park.

As an integral part of the B EYE team, Kristina Radolova brings not only her professional skills but also her unique blend of artistry and bookish charm. Her story serves as an inspiration and a testament to the dynamic, collaborative, and fun-loving culture of B EYE.