Creating A Workplace Culture Of Belonging and Diversity

Creating A Workplace Culture Of Belonging and Diversity

By our HR Team

August 21, 2023

We are firm believers that the most valuable asset of a company are the people in it. That is why B EYE has always tried to take good care of its team. For a workplace to be healthy and productive, people should feel safe, appreciated, and trusted. To ensure such an environment, we implemented various simple policies and practices. 

Being Tolerant as an integral part of our beliefs

One of the core values we have held since the founding is Tolerance. Everyone at B EYE accepts and cherishes the differences in others because we all add to the table a unique standpoint, which is crucial for critical thinking. Tolerance should be a vital part of our professionals’ personalities. It should go hand in hand with matters related to our professional lives, as well as our personal endeavors.  

A hiring process without barriers 

Diversity and inclusion in a company should always start from the candidates’ experience and expand all the way throughout the team members’ lifecycle. A truly diverse workplace features a distribution of people that reflects the greater society. Here at B EYE, we built a hiring process that allows us to overcome or even break barriers that may concern the entry of individuals of different backgrounds such as age, gender, race, religion, physical ability, sexuality, culture, and others. The recruitment setup fills in the fields in the system regarding their background, education, experience, etc. automatically, so there is no need for our recruiters to open the visuals of the person or see their bio description. By doing this, we ensure an objective process that does not at all consider personal differences. 

Practice what you preach 

The desire to provide equal opportunities is backed up by our stats. The male-to-female distribution is one of them. 46.8% of our employees are women, which matches the Bulgarian Labor force‘s overall female-to-male percentage. Another internal measure that matches the national levels, is the gender distribution for senior professionals – 40% of the senior and leadership positions are taken by women.  

The average age in our company is 29.8 years. According to major research conducted in Stack Overflow, 48.42% of the employees in tech organizations are from the 25-34 age group.

How our diverse workplace was built

To create an ethical, transparent, equal, safe, and diverse workplace and culture, there should be strong team and individual acceptance. We believe that everyone should feel at ease expressing their thoughts and concerns. We understand that mental health is just as critical as physical health, and we encourage our people to be open about it.  

Sometimes it can be tough to break your walls and speak to your acquaintances which is why B EYE put in place professional counselors who are accessible to everyone. We encourage our team members to seek support and to feel comfortable voicing their concerns without the fear of being misunderstood. Regardless of their department, level, or job tenure, all our members are given the chance to book sessions with those professionals and speak to them completely anonymously.  

With internal balance comes external balance. The more content we are with ourselves, the less presumptuous we are towards other people’s actions and choices. Freeing ourselves from any judgment and predicament is what our purpose has been all along.