B EYE in Technical University of Sofia

B EYE in Technical University of Sofia

By Severina Yordanova

December 21, 2023

One of our company values is „Transforming The Future,“ since we believe that the future is in the young ones. Furthermore, education is another vital CSR pillar for us. And this is where the two values meet, or more precisely, in our case, in the Technical University of Sofia. We support and encourage the success and development of all students as professionals. Therefore, we try to invest in society as much as possible.

Continuing on with our case example let’s talk about our third consecutive year in a row, where we’ve been actively involved in educating the students from the Technical University of Sofia in Data analytics. There, our colleagues conducted 8 lectures and their goal was to introduce the students to the world of data and more specifically data analysis.

Why don’t you check out some highlights from our lectures at TU Sofia?

The first lecture on Data Analytics Foundations was led by Dimitar Dekov. He talked about the importance of data-driven decision-making in modern society while also laying out a basic framework of terms and approaches that are considered key in data literacy and analytics. Some interesting projections that were covered in the presentation, for example, came from Analytics Insight. They covered how the expanding market is in dire need of new data analysts everywhere around the world.

The second week of lectures included our very own Severina Temelkova, who talked about the importance of gathering requirements before app development. By the end of the lecture, the students were included in a case study exercise, where they played the role of developers gathering requirements from a client.

Sevi TU

The third week of lectures included our very own Rujena Kocheva, who talked about the importance of checking the data at hand and understanding it before starting work with it.

The fourth week of lectures was led by Kaloyan Bogdanov who talked about the importance of the hidden aspects of analytics applications.

ruja transparent 1
Koko TU

In the fifth lecture, Kalоyan talked about the importance of a strong structural foundation of a newly developed app. Having a stable base is key during development and can save you lots of problems in the future.

Teodora Stefanova’s lecture was the sixth one, and she and the students talked about how visuals can help you understand your data better. Following data visualization design principles is key to making dashboard easily consumable.

koko transparent 2 2
Tedi TU

In the final two lectures, Vesela Georgieva talked about Qlik Sense Cloud. She explained how to combine and load data easily and how to create smart visualizations. She also covered the unique Associative Engine and its ability to build rich analysis-centered applications, accelerated by suggestions and automation. Finally, she covered the importance of improving your skills, in order to create master items and various types of visualizations, so that you can achieve more meaningful insights at a glance.

Vesi TU

Our great team is passionate about giving the power of BI to decision-makers and sharing their knowledge with the TU students. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this amazing adventure and help boost the young people’s Qlik skills.