Dimitar Dekov
Founder & Principal Qlik Consultant

I have been bringing my passion for analytics, discovery and driving change to dozens of companies for more than a decade. My clients have been numerous outstanding companies in the Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail and Real Estate sectors in lots of countries in Europe and in the US. Helping organizations enhance their decision-making processes at every level has brought a positive change, and I clearly enjoy every step we take in this journey. It is my self-fulfilling way of making a difference.

Today we are being flooded with data from everywhere about virtually everything, and it seems that all we ever needed to know is at our fingertips. For most people, this is an illusion. Most of the data available is simply junk – incomplete, inaccurate, irrelevant. Gathering a complete and accurate data set within the right context is a lot more difficult both for individuals and organizations. And although fictional stories and staged photos of our friends can be annoying, astonishingly, we can still function and live pretty well with that. This is not the case with organizations though. Gathering, cleaning up and storing data with the right qualities is key. Having the right speed to turn this data into meaningful information and deliver it to the right people on time is equally important. Being able to respond to change quickly and adapt is paramount. More and more often this is what makes the difference between leaders, those who follow and those who fail. To have solutions to all these issues has never been straightforward and has always required lots of energy, focus and foresight.