At B EYE, we understand that no business exists out of the society and our environment is shared. To address that, we have specifically developed several lines of activities to give back to the society and contribute to the sustainable development of our environment. As we are aspiring to become leaders in our field not only in Bulgaria but on a global scale, we are rightly held to high standards in everything we do.
We develop Business Intelligence applications that help our clients be more effective and efficient. By using the latest B EYE technologies businesses take better, quicker and more informed decisions that result in cost savings of all kinds: people capacity, time and other resources which is beneficial to the society and the environment.  We drive positive social change, economic growth, job creation and innovations and have focused our CSR efforts on educational and environmental activities.


We support the success of our people. As an IT consultancy company, B EYE hires highly intelligent and educated people. We encourage their further development as professionals and invest in the society through the following activities:

  • B EYE Academy organizes internal and external B EYE trainings.
  • We encourage our employees to take courses and apply for various certificates to enhance their personal and professional development.
  • We have a special internal site where we recognize the success of our people as well as the positive feedback they have received from clients.

We aim to develop a culture of care and support for our people that provides opportunities for interesting work. This culture has helped us recruit and build fulfilling careers for the most talented people.


We promote a healthy lifestyle. We invest in our people’s well-being so that they can perform at their full potential. We care for their physical and mental health:

  • We encourage sports among our employees.
  • We provide recreational facilities (including a table tennis room, computer game room, leisure room, cradles and bean bags).
  • We organize regular team building and recreational events such as ski, SPA weekends, go-kart racing, rafting, motor sports and various other activities.
  • We have a fun chat group where anyone can post a funny picture or an anecdote to the team.


We provide funds and support to those in need. Changing the world around us for the better starts with a positive change inside any of us. We are committed to supporting our community by providing funds to children in need:

  • B EYE holds educational and charity events for children without parental care.
  • B EYE donates its old but top quality and fully functional IT equipment to organizations for educational purposes.
  • B EYE supports on a regular basis disadvantaged children from two children’s homes with various activities for improving their living conditions.


We are responsible towards the environment and help others do the same. We understand how important it is to keep our planet clean and use just the enough amount of resources to preserve our environment. In order to minimize our impact on the nature, we employ the following principles:

  • We apply different methods for energy savings, including lights based on latest generation energy efficient LED technologies, use of recyclable batteries etc.
  • We use digital over paper every time we can.
  • We organize initiatives for planting trees and litter cleanup campaigns.
  • We use separate waste collection.
  • We encourage our staff to always prefer the green alternative whenever there is one.
  • We inspire our people to participate in green activities, organized by third parties.
  • B EYE develops analytical applications that help our partners minimize their effect on the environment.