Our story is a work in progress as we grow and expand. Although we prefer to look more to the future than to the past, the past holds numerous moments which define us and excite us when we look back. B EYE was founded in 2012, with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the first months, the founder, Dimitar Dekov, was the single employee of the company, serving as a consultant, chief accountant and a sales representative. Mr. Dekov’s expertise in the QlikView software attracted the first clients of the company who started engaging B EYE with more and more projects.

As the number of projects grew, B EYE hired two more consultants and an office manager. One room in a co-working space was more than enough – our computers were all we needed. When we grew to a team of 6, we had to move to a larger office and the only one available on a short notice was at the basement of the same co-working office building. The fact that there were no windows had its upside – some people found it easier to concentrate and were more productive.

Our expertise expanded – as the trust of our clients grew, they started engaging us with projects involving various new technologies. We added NPrinting, then Anaplan to our portfolio of expertise. After a year at the basement and many complex and exciting projects, B EYE relocated to a central location in Sofia renting one floor in an office building. Dedication, focus and creativity is what defines B EYE for our clients. Our success in the hundreds of projects we have delivered has created a growing demand for our services. In 2018, B EYE has a team of over 40 people and the speed of growth of our company is defined primarily by our ability to source the best talent.