Founded in 2012, B EYE’s expertise lies in the development of applications that turn data into readable and meaningful information. Once visualized, this information can be used for optimization of processes, discovering problems that might otherwise go unnoticed or simply taking the best next business steps.

We provide highly specialized, industry-based, end-to-end business and outsourcing services that combine IT consulting with Business Intelligence and Modelling & Planning technology. Our goal is to help clients and outsourcing partners deliver their products and services more efficiently, improve their operational performance and expand their market share. We put a great effort to be a reliable partner with a strong and dedicated team of IT professionals that deliver top quality services.

Our solutions currently serve thousands of users in more than 10 countries around the world delivering value for businesses, consumers and communities. We have developed over 80 different Qlik applications and are currently maintaining most of them by delivering constant upgrades – new features, new data and new reports every other week.

50 of our active Qlik solutions reach over 2,000 different daily users who have become devoted Qlik enthusiasts because of our apps. They generate around 23,000 analyses every day and the impact of all B EYE applications leads to more than 3 million questions asked and answered per year. The Qlik platform is the primary B EYE point of expertise. Read more about its products here.

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We understand that today it is not only important to deliver the right data to the right person at the right time but also to deliver it through the right media and within the right format so that the user is most comfortable receiving and comprehending information. To meet these needs, we also deliver automatic reports and e-mail generation services for people who prefer to consume information in a ready-made form while traveling. This avoids the need for a dedicated interaction with a computer. For this group of people, our Automatic Report & Email Generation Services currently provide more than 1,000 individual emails per day – all containing precise analytics.

We use a next-generation reporting and distribution tool supporting even the demands of large enterprise deployments and it is called Qlik NPrinting.

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We also provide Modelling & Planning services using the Anaplan platform. Our consultants work with clients to build customized solutions that fit their needs and save their time by replacing thousands of spreadsheets with one single model. This enables enterprises to plan and forecast quickly and accurately by using B EYE applications with the Anaplan real-time visibility ability. This capability recalculates the whole model in seconds after each change is made by the users and allows timely analysis of the results. In addition to the shortened work cycles and the possibility for more iterations achieved at the same time, our applications provide the opportunity to look at various comparative scenarios (what-if) that work at high speed even with large volumes of data.

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As of January 2018, B EYE has over 40 dedicated full-time employees, situated in our headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our exclusive focus on Business Intelligence and Modelling & Planning solutions has enabled our consultants to turn analytics software development into an art.

Our custom-made solutions are Your Smart Thinking.