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B EYE is a team of smart and proactive individuals
who are always ready to take on new challenges.
We love what we do, and we believe that data is
the driving force of today’s business world.

Who are we

We help great companies become data-driven

We are on a mission to help businesses become more efficient and sustainable, set business trends, and drive innovation.

The founder

Meet the man behind the idea

I have been bringing my passion for analytics, discovery, and driving change to dozens of companies for more than a decade.

B EYE is lucky to have forward-looking clients who realize that there is no better business model than the ability to use data to drive effective decisions, plan faster, and model the future securely.

When I was starting the company, I knew that the most important part of this business will be people. Our employees are energetic, talented, and proactive professionals who enjoy tackling challenges. They are the reason our clients are happy and our projects make a difference.

Dimitar Dekov, CEO
The Story

How it all started

B EYE was founded by Dimitar Dekov and continued to be a one-man team for some time. His passion for analytics and his QlikView expertise brought him his first satisfied clients and net-promoters.


B EYE got its second and third employees. We started doing more complex projects. We got our first small office.


We started working with Anaplan. It brought us more clients. We moved into a better, bigger office in the city center.


Our team of more than 60 talented professionals has been recognized by Financial
Times and we are part of FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2020.


We are growing and improving our services to provide even more value to our clients, support our employees, and make a difference in our industry.


Mission and vision

Every company should
be a data company

Data and knowledge drive the business world. We use our skills to help clients worldwide set new business trends and drive their industries.

Our services are for everyone

Our mission is to democratize Analytics, Connected Planning, Automation, and AI for every organization. We are here to make it large-scale.

Faster, cheaper, and easier

Shift your decision-making from experiential to data-driven. Get ahead of your competitors by gaining insights faster than them.

Data is the way forward

Forward-looking companies use analytics at scale to optimize business performance and gain a bigger market share.

Our values

Use data to optimize your performance

Transforming the future of data

Transforming The Future

The future belongs to those who continuously innovate and use new technologies to their advantage.

Expert Team

We attract the top talents and involve them in the most challenging projects.

Client Commitment

We study your business closely and account for the industry and organizational specifics.

Consistently better

We constantly strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and empower them with the most efficient solutions.

leading industry practices up to a highest standards

Leading Standards

We strive to achieve the highest industry standards in business and information technologies.

quick and responsive service

Quick and Responsive

We don’t just deliver the project – we provide continuous support and training to our clients.

Our contact people

Looking for someone specific?

We would be glad to assist you! You can contact our representatives in the different departments.

Todor Tzanev

Business Development Manager

Marina Varbanova

Human Resources Specialist

Stoyan Getov

Head of HR