B EYE is solely focused in delivering state of the art Business Intelligence and Modelling & Planning solutions. We help our clients build the optimal decision-making processes and achieve more efficient and effective overall performance, taking into account their corporate data. We have a team of more than 50 people, situated in our headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our exclusive focus on Business Intelligence and Modelling & Planning solutions has enabled our consultants to turn analytics software development into an art.

Company Overview - B EYE

Founded in 2012, B EYE’s expertise lies in the development of applications that turn data into readable and meaningful information. Once visualized, this information can be used for optimization of processes, discovering problems that might otherwise go unnoticed or simply taking the best next business steps.

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Leadership - B EYE

Dimitar Dekov: “Helping organizations enhance their decision-making processes at every level has brought a positive change, and I clearly enjoy every step we take in this journey. It is my self-fulfilling way of making a difference.”

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At B EYE, we understand that no business exists out of the society and our environment is shared. To address that, we have specifically developed several lines of activities to give back to the society and contribute to the sustainable development of our environment.

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